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  • PI Copy Coordinates Script

    Reggie Jones


    The Copy Coordinates script is a very useful PixInsight script when you need to replace FITS Header data that can get lost when using Pixel Math to generate a new image.  This is especially important when you need to retain astrometric solution data that you previously had in the FITS Header from a previous plate solution you may have completed in an earlier process.

    As an example, when you use Pixel Math to recombine a starless image you've been working on with the image of the stars that were separated when you used Star Exterminator, the resulting combined new image will not contain all of the FITS Header information.  The lost information is usually all the astrometric data that was contained in the original image prior to using Star Exterminator.  With this information lost, creating an annotated image if you want to get one isn’t possible.  The choice at this point is to do another complete plate solution using the Image Solver script or to use the Copy Coordinates script and copy the FITS Header information from a prior image file that contains the original astrometric information.  To get to the Copy Coordinates Script, go to Scripts -> Utilities -> Copy Coordinates.

    When you open it, you’ll get the dialog as shown.  You’re asked for the Source Image - this is the image that contains the FITS Header information that you need to copy from.  After that, there are 2 choices:

    (1) Simple Copy where you're just copying the info from the source image to the FITS Header of the image you need to fill in.

    (2) Transform Copy - this selection is used if the image you need to fill the FITS Header with had some change made that would degrade the astrometric solution such as performing a Dynamic Crop.

    When you're ready, click Ok and the work is done.  All the FITS Header data including the astrometric info will be copied over to the file you’ve designated.

    TL CopyCoordinatesScriptTree.jpg

    TL CopyCoordinatesScriptDialog.jpg

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