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    Reggie Jones

    If you’re new to using PixInsight, you should be aware that many of the process and scripts you use have documentation describing what they are and how they should be used.  Not every process and script has this kind of documentation, but for the many that do the information is relatively easy to access.

    When you open a process, such as the new Generalized Hyperbolic Stretch process and this process has documentation associated with it, you’ll see an icon located in the bottom toolbar of the process dialog window.  This icon is the Browse Documentation icon.

    When you click on this icon, a window will open showing you the documentation for the process.  You can scroll through and read it here or you can click on the PDF icon located at the top of the window to download a PDF copy and save it to your hard drive to read later.  I maintain a folder of these PDFs to study and have for reference.

    And just to show that some scripts also have documentation associated with them, here is an example using the Copy Coordinates script.

    TL PIDoc1.jpg

    TL PIDoc2.jpg

    TL PIDoc3.jpg

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