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[New Photoshop Webinar] Sharpen Your Astrophotography Skills with Bernard Miller in Our Upcoming Live Event

Event details

Today we are announcing an upcoming webinar that will be a game-changer for Photoshop users looking to streamline their workflow. Join Bernard Miller, a multi NASA APOD winner and Telescope Live tutor, for a deep dive into the essential Photoshop techniques tailored for astrophotography.


Webinar’s Details


Title: Finishing Touches and Advanced Processes in Photoshop

Host: Alex Curry, Co-Founder of Telescope Live

Guest: Bernard Miller

Time & Date: Saturday 18th May at 6 PM UTC


Facebook: https://business.facebook.com/events/341199135344590/


Photoshop isn't just for terrestrial photography; it's a powerful tool for astrophotographers seeking to refine their images. In this session, Bernard will guide you through a series of key processes:


  • Sharpening Techniques: Learn how to enhance the clarity and detail of your pictures without introducing unwanted noise or artifacts.

  • Noise Reduction: Discover effective methods to reduce noise, ensuring your night skies look smooth yet retain crucial details.

  • Star and Halo Reduction: Master techniques to reduce the overpowering effects of stars and halos, helping your main subjects stand out more dramatically.


Why You Should Attend

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced astrophotographer, this webinar is designed to provide you with actionable techniques that can be applied immediately to your post-processing workflow. Bernard is a multi APOD winning astrophotographer with many years of experience using Photoshop. He will provide you all the necessary skills required to improve sharpening, noise reduction and star/halo reduction in Photoshop, as well as an opportunity to answer any of your questions.


Open Access to Knowledge: Streaming Across Platforms

Our webinar will be live-streamed across YouTube and our Facebook page, making it accessible to all, transcending the bounds of our subscriber base. This open access initiative allows every astronomy enthusiast, including those not subscribed to Telescope Live, to tune into our live sessions.


Exclusive Telescope Live Subscriber Interaction

While we embrace a wider audience, we reserve an exclusive interactive experience for our subscribers. Telescope Live subscribers will receive a special Zoom link via email on the day of the webinar, ensuring a more personalized and engaging experience.


Stay Informed: Visit the Telescope Live Community Forum

For more details on each webinar and updates on what to expect, we encourage you to visit the "Events" section under the Telescope Live Community Forum.


Watch at Your Convenience

If you're unable to attend the live session, fear not. The webinar recordings will be available exclusively for our Silver plan members and above, a few days after the event.


Mark the  18th of May on your calendars and join us to make sure you don’t miss this great post-processing session!

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