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Upcoming Post-Processing Webinar with Peter Jenkins - Mastering Star Colour in Narrowband Imaging

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We're delighted to build upon our refreshed Monthly Webinar series by introducing a session specifically designed to address a pivotal aspect of narrowband processing:


Mastering Star Colour in Narrowband Imaging with Peter Jenkins


When: Saturday, 28th of October at 6 PM UTC

Webinar’s description: Narrowband imaging offers its unique challenges, particularly when representing star colours. Often, assigning filters to specific colours can distort the genuine appearance of the stars being captured. In this webinar, our esteemed tutor and world-renowned astrophotographer, Peter Jenkins, will share his profound expertise on how to accurately separate and colour stars while preserving the integrity of your chosen nebula colour palette.

A Reminder About Our Open Format Update

  • Open Access for All: Our webinars are now freely accessible, streaming live on both YouTube and Facebook. Links for these will be available on all our social media platforms on the event day. If you know someone  who might be interested in this event, feel free to share the link to this event with them.

  • Enhanced Interaction for Subscribers: Subscribers will receive an exclusive Zoom link on the webinar day, ensuring a richer, more intimate learning experience.

  • Mark your calendars: You can now finally save the event on your personal calendar to make sure you don’t miss it. All you have to do is to click here.

  • Webinars recordings: If you won’t be able to attend the live, you will have the possibility to watch the recordings as soon as these will be uploaded in our Tutorials Section - but only if you are a Silver or above subscriber.


Prepare to delve deeper into the techniques and nuances of star colour in narrowband processing with Peter Jenkins, and enhance your astrophotography skills.

Important reminder: Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be sending you the exclusive Zoom link to access the webinar. Ensure you have the necessary setup ready to make the most of this interactive session.

Meet Peter Jenkins

Want to find out more about Peter Jenkins, watch his other tutorials, admire his stunning images, or get in touch with him?

You can do all of the above by clicking the button below to navigate to his profile!

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