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New Webinar on Landscape Astrophotography with Our Friends From Stellar Xperiences

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Join us for an enthralling webinar on landscape astrophotography hosted by the experts at Stellar Xperiences. With more than 30 years of combined expertise in photography, the team is ready to guide you through this mesmerising intersection of the cosmos and terrestrial landscapes.

Webinar’s Details

Title: From Earth to the Cosmos: Mastering the Art of Landscape Astrophotography with Stellar Xperiences

Host: Alex Curry, Co-Founder of Telescope Live

Guest: Mustafà Aydin & Okan Bozat from Stellar Xperiences

Time & Date: Saturday, 16th December at 6 PM UTC

What You Will Learn:

Planning for Success: Uncover the art of planning your astrophotography adventures. Learn how to pick the perfect location and timing, considering factors such as weather conditions and astronomical phenomena. This segment is tailored to give you the essential knowledge for orchestrating successful landscape shoots.

Capturing the Cosmic Canvas: Master the technical intricacies of landscape astrophotography. Discover the optimal camera settings, exposure techniques, and the use of specialized equipment like star trackers and filters. Aimed at enhancing your proficiency in capturing the enigmatic beauty of the night sky. 

Post-Processing Techniques: Dive into the transformative world of landscape astrophotography post-processing. Learn to accentuate details, balance colors, and bring out the essence of the celestial in your images. Get hands-on with various post-processing tools and techniques designed to refine and elevate your skills. 

Additionally, the webinar will tackle common challenges faced in landscape astrophotography, offering tangible solutions and tips to overcome them. This includes navigating issues like light pollution, unpredictable weather, and equipment quirks to ensure a seamless post-processing experience.

Special Feature: Raw vs Processed - A Comparative Journey. Experience the magic of post-processing with a side-by-side comparison of raw and processed images. Witness the dramatic transformation from initial captures to awe-inspiring astrophotography masterpieces. Understand the vast potential of post-processing in enhancing and expressing the splendor of the night sky.

Open Access to Knowledge: Streaming Across Platforms

Our webinar will be live-streamed across YouTube and our Facebook page, making it accessible to all, transcending the bounds of our subscriber base. This open access initiative allows every astronomy enthusiast, including those not subscribed to Telescope Live, to tune into our live sessions.

Exclusive Telescope Live Subscriber Interaction

While we embrace a wider audience, we reserve an exclusive interactive experience for our subscribers. Telescope Live subscribers will receive a special Zoom link via email on the day of the webinar, ensuring a more personalized and engaging experience.

Stay Informed: Visit the Telescope Live Community Forum

For more details on each webinar and updates on what to expect, we encourage you to visit the "Events" section under the Telescope Live Community Forum.

Watch at Your Convenience

If you're unable to attend the live session, fear not. The webinar recordings will be available exclusively for our Silver plan members and above, a few days after the event.

Mark Saturday, 16th December on your calendars and join us to make sure you don’t miss this great post-processing session!

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