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How to Take Part in the Last Telescope Live Monthly Contest (At Least Before the Launch of TL4)


Event details

As you might have read, the March 2024 contest will be the last one for a while (at least until we launch TL4 - the new version of the platform).

However, we're not stepping back in silence; we're making a grand exit with the most monumental contest Telescope Live has ever hosted, in collaboration with Practical Astrophotography magazine.

A Partnership Like No Other

Practical Astrophotography magazine has partnered with us to bring this unprecedented contest to life.

This contest isn't just another competition; it's a chance to achieve global recognition and showcase your work on an international stage.

Unparalleled Prizes Await

  • Cover Feature: The contest winner will have their image featured on the cover of Practical Astrophotography magazine's May issue.

  • An entire magazine page dedicated to you: The winner will also earn a spot in the "Astrophotographer Spotlight" section, where he will showcase other of his astro masterpieces along with a brief bio.

  • A Tangible Tribute: The winner will receive a complimentary physical copy of the magazine featuring his artwork on the cover, a testament to their skill and dedication.

  • A Bounty of TL Credits: For the first time, we're offering 250 TL credits, valued at $375, as the ultimate prize, consolidating the usual total prize pool into one monumental award.

Honorable Mention

In addition to the grand prize, we're thrilled to introduce an Honorable Mention category, where the winner of this category will have his work still featured in the magazine.

This category celebrates the effort and creativity in processing, offering a chance for astrophotographers at any skill level to be recognized and still be published in Practical Astrophotography magazine.

How to Participate

For this contest, there will be only one winner - aside from the honorable mention, of course. For this reason, the rules for this contest will be more straightforward than those for past competitions.

  • Submission Deadline: Ensure your astro-picture is uploaded to our gallery by April 7th at midnight Pacific Standard Time. Late submissions will not qualify.

  • Tagging: Use the tag #BundleContestMar2024 when uploading your picture to ensure it's entered into the contest.

This Month's Target

The focus is on The Observation Bundles, specifically NGC7000 captured with SPA-1-CMOS using the HSO filter set. 

This bundle includes 11 One-Click Observations totaling 9.5 hours of exposure, available for just 10.7 credits.

You can find and download the dataset here


A Unique Opportunity

This contest represents not just an opportunity for extraordinary rewards but a celebration of our community's passion and skill. Whether you're a seasoned astrophotographer or just starting, this contest is your chance to shine on an international stage.

Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to be part of Telescope Live and Practical Astrophotography magazine history!

The race to the cover of Practical Astrophotography magazine begins now! 

Good luck to all of you and may the best astrophotographer win!

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the link to the dataset shows 11 one-clicks included, but at a cost of 10.7 credits.

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Hi everyone,

I've updated the price to reflect accordingly. The 8.6 credits is a correct price that is displayed to our gold subscribers (as they receive a discount on all datasets), and since my personal account has this subscription it was the price I copied over. Apologies for the confusion

Best of luck in the contest

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Can we submit TIFF format, or does it have to be JPG format for the final submissions?


 Judy Prana

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