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Unveiling the Ariel Mission - The Future of Exoplanets Research

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We're delighted to build upon our refreshed Monthly Webinar series by introducing a session specifically designed to address a pivotal aspect of narrowband processing:


Unveiling the Ariel Mission - The Future of Exoplanets Research


When: Saturday, 25th of November at 6 PM UTC
Host: Alex Curry, Co-Founder of Telescope Live
Guest: Anastasia Kokori, Public Engagement Officer at Centre for Space Exochemistry Data, UC

Webinar’s description: In the boundless expanse of the universe, humanity's quest to understand worlds beyond our own Earth continues to captivate and inspire. It is with great excitement that we announce our upcoming webinar, "Unveiling the Ariel Mission - The Future of Exoplanets Research," a journey into the heart of celestial discovery. This enlightening presentation, scheduled for Saturday, 25th November at 6 PM UTC, will delve into the current state and future prospects of exoplanet research.


Spotlight on Ariel: A Mission to Decode Exoplanet Mysteries

The spotlight will be on the European Space Agency's Ariel space mission, set for launch in 2029. Ariel stands out as the first mission dedicated to the detailed measurement of the chemical compositions of numerous exoplanets, marking a significant leap in our cosmic exploration.

At the core of Ariel's mission is the ambition to study a vast and varied sample of exoplanets orbiting different types of stars. This pioneering venture seeks answers to some of the most profound questions in astronomy:

  • What are the constituents of exoplanets?

  • How do planets and planetary systems originate and evolve?

  • What is the nature of the evolution of planets and their atmospheres over time?

The ExoClock Project

Ariel's ambitious endeavor to observe approximately 1000 transiting exoplanets hinges on the accurate prediction of their transit times. Here, the role of small and medium-scale telescopes becomes crucial. This is where the ExoClock project, spearheaded by Anastasia Kokori and Angelos Tsiaras, comes into play. This open, integrated project aims to monitor the ephemerides of the Ariel planets, offering a unique opportunity for everyone—professional and amateur astronomers, as well as public enthusiasts—to contribute significantly to this monumental mission.

Open Access to Knowledge: Streaming Across Platforms

Our webinar will be live-streamed across YouTube and our Facebook page, making it accessible to all, transcending the bounds of our subscriber base. This open access initiative allows every astronomy enthusiast, including those not subscribed to Telescope Live, to tune into our live sessions.

Exclusive Telescope Live Subscriber Interaction

While we embrace a wider audience, we reserve an exclusive interactive experience for our subscribers. Telescope Live subscribers will receive a special Zoom link via email on the day of the webinar, ensuring a more personalized and engaging experience.

Stay Informed: Visit the Telescope Live Community Forum

For more details on each webinar and updates on what to expect, we encourage you to visit the "Events" section under the Telescope Live Community Forum.

Watch at Your Convenience

If you're unable to attend the live session, fear not. The webinar recordings will be available exclusively for our Silver plan members and above, a few days after the event.

Mark the 25th of November on your calendars and join us as we embark on this interstellar journey, exploring the mysteries of exoplanets and their intriguing worlds!


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