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Problem with WBPP and the coordinates in the fits header

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Hi everyone, 

This post is to document a known and easily fixable issue. On some frames in the archive the coordinates in the FITS header end in 60 and Pixinsight expects it to be <60 (for example 11:11:60 instead of 11:12:00). When this is the case, seems like WBPP in PI is unable to correctly read the fits. 

I see that for some things PI is really lacking in flexibility. While it is true that, for example, the format RA 11:12:00.00 is preferable to RA is: 11:11:60.00, many astronomy softwares and websites can handle the second format without problems. 

Anyway, thanks to this free software below, it will be possible to edit all the headers at once in a very easy and fast way:


Clear Skies,


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