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New Video Player Available: Goodbye to Tutorial Playback Issue & Welcome New Functionalities

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Hey everyone!

Today I’m happy to share some good news.

Thanks to your valuable feedback, we've not only identified and resolved the playback issues that some of you were facing with our video tutorials, but we've also taken this opportunity to add the features you've been asking for. Our old video player was the root of these issues, and in our efforts to enhance your learning experience, in the past few days we've made some significant upgrades.

Many of you expressed a desire for more features, like subtitles and the ability to adjust video speed. We listened, and we're happy to say that these improvements are now available for all.

This upgrade brings a suite of functionalities that were not available with our old video player, enhancing your learning experience significantly. Here's what you now have access to.


Customizable Closed Captions (CC)

With the new video player, you have now automatically generated subtitles. Enjoy the ability to enable closed captions for all our tutorial videos. More importantly, you can customize these subtitles to suit your viewing preferences - be it changing the font size for better readability or adjusting the caption's color for clearer visibility.


Interactive Video Transcripts

Find specific information quickly without rewatching the entire video. The interactive transcript feature allows you to search for specific words within the video transcript and jump directly to that part of the video. This feature is ideal for efficient learning and quick referencing.


Adjustable Video Speed

Control the playback speed of the tutorial videos to match your learning pace. Whether you need to slow down for complex topics or speed up for a quick revision, the new player makes it easy and efficient.

These new features, brought to you by our switch to the new video player, are part of our ongoing effort to enhance your learning experience. We believe that these enhancements will make your learning journey more accessible, efficient, and tailored to your individual needs.

We encourage you to explore these new functionalities and share your feedback in the comments below this post as we continue to improve and provide you with the best learning resources - all included with your Telescope Live subscription.

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