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The October 2023 Contest Winners

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Our judges, Adam Block, Alex Curry, Nik Szymanek and Mustafa Aydın, chose the winners of the October 2023 contests.

🏆 One-Click Observation Contest Winners 🏆

The One-Click Observation for the October 2023 Contest was the SH2 86, obtained with CHI-1-CMOS in the HSO filter set.

You can see and grab this One-Click Observation by clicking here.

Beginner Tierimage.thumb.jpeg.cb989c13a6f3ee9ff9a700d2de845aed.jpeg

SH2-86 by Michael Bernas
Prize: 25 credits

Comment from the judges: This month's One-Click Beginner contest winner is Michael Bernas, a commendable effort with an otherwise challenging dataset. Feedback from the judges highlighted that the data was overstretched, with practice this colour palette will create a great image.

Expert Tier


SH2-86 by Jarmo Ruuth
Prize: 50 credits

Comment from the judges: As Jarmo mentioned in the description, a challenging dataset! However, Jarmo selected and controlled a great colour palette along with nice contrast between the dark and bright nebulae.

🏆 Observation Bundle Contest Winners 🏆

The Observation Bundle for the October 2023 Contest was the HORSEHEAD NEBULA B33 obtained with CHI-1-CMOS in the HSO filter set. It contains 15 One-Click Observations corresponding to more than 15 hours of total exposure time.

You can see and grab this Observation Bundle by clicking here.

Beginner Tier


Prize: 75 credits

Comment from the judges: Lucian Nicu is the winner of the beginner bundle contest. B33 has been well processed in HSS creating an interesting contrast between the 2 narrowband filters.

Expert Tier


HORSEHEAD NEBULA B33 by Eduardo Barbosa
Prize: 100 credits

Comment from the judges: Eduardo Barbosa wins our expert bundle contest with another different usage of filter combination, this time SII, Ha/SII, Ha and creating a great contrast between the dark and bright nebula within the image.


Let’s give a round of applause to all the winners who are going to enjoy the honors and the prizes!

Would you like to find out about the November 2023 contests? Find out more here!

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