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Not sure which Saturn files to grab

ford lafontaine

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I'm new to Telescope Live and I'm looking at leveraging it for planetary images. I'd like to start with Saturn for my first test.

How do I know which Saturn to grab if I want a color image?

Looks like the Saturn images are all taken in the same place with the same telescope and camera, the only different is the filters. Do I want the Astronomik L,R,G,B one? Does that mean each color is a separate file?

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The planetary data is supplied as a package composed of a series of tif files for each color filter, e.g RGB RGB RGB.

Once you grab the image you'll see all the frames in the package, and as you note to make a color image you'll need to use all of them.

A few of the planetary images are taken with a OSC camera, but the large majority are mono with various filters.

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