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The November 2023 Contest Winners

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Our judges, Adam Block, Alex Curry, Nik Szymanek and Mustafa Aydın, chose the winners of the November 2023 contests.

🏆 One-Click Observation Contest Winners 🏆

The One-Click Observation for the November 2023 Contest was the M72, obtained with CHI-1-CMOS in the LRGB filter set.

You can see and grab this One-Click Observation by clicking here.

Beginner Tier


M 72 by Judith Prana
Prize: 25 credits

Comment from the judges: With a good histogram stretch and colour correction, Judith Prana created our winning one-click beginner competition this month. The image is slightly oversharpened which introduced artefacts in the centre of the clutter, something that is very easy to do when there is so much detail

Expert Tier


M 72 by Georg Nyman
Prize: 50 credits

Comment from the judges: Georg Nyman created a great colour-calibrated and good contrast adjustment image of M72 with conservative sharpening and detail management.

🏆 Observation Bundle Contest Winners 🏆

The Observation Bundle for the November 2023 Contest was the NGC 247 obtained with CHI-1-CCD in the LRGB filter set. It contains 14 One-Click Observations corresponding to more than 24 hours of total exposure time.

You can see and grab this Observation Bundle by clicking here.

Beginner Tier



NGC 247 by Walter Borghini
Prize: 75 credits

Comment from the judges: NGC 247 is a great target to challenge astrophotographer's processing abilities, Walter Borghini has created a great image of NGC 247 a well-balanced stretch to bring out all the details of the galaxy. A more conservative sharpening approach would improve the aesthetic.

Expert Tier


NGC 247 by Edward Holt
Prize: 100 credits

Comment from the judges: Edward Holt has produced a fantastic NGC 247 image with great colour calibration and contrast adjustments. The contrasting bright and dark aspects have been well balanced.


Let’s give a round of applause to all the winners who are going to enjoy the honors and the prizes!

Would you like to find out about the December 2023 contests? Find out more here!




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