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BlurXtermnator 2.0.0, AI 4 corrects many star problems

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One of the problems I have noticed with data from the SPA1-CMOS is the numerous distorted stars around the periphery of the image.  Of course, these can be cropped out, but now BlurXterminator 2.0.0, with its new AI 4 module, will fix most of those problems with the click of the mouse.  Below is an example of what can be done.  I used images of the Heart and Soul nebulae that have become available in recent months.   The mosaics shown are from Pixinsight's Aberration Inspector, which samples the image in the center and around the edges.   In the first mosaic ("before") the only processing that was done to the RGB was applying GraXpert to remove any gradients that may be present.  Then, I ran the new version of BlurXterminator.  I then created another mosaic using the Aberration Inspector ("after").  The result is amazing, at least to me.  Not only are star shapes corrected, but also optical dispersion effects (red and green fringes on stars).   Here is a good YouTube video on this new software: 


rgb_GraXpert_mosaic before.jpg

rgb_GraXpert_mosaic after.jpg

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