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Hi Everyone

I am happy to report here about a new mosaic: New Cone Nebula (2 panels; 11 datasets in total, available in our archive) made with the CHI1-CMOS telescope in Chile! 


Link to see both panels together:



The panel 1 datasets were taken back in the period Feb-Apr 2023 and were already available on our platform here: 



The panel 2 datasets have been imaged in the last couple of weeks and published today in the archive for the first time:

https://app.telescope.live/click-grab/all?target=cone nebula panel 2


To help you process the TL mosaics we have tutorials available for our users on our platform:



Below an image showing the full composition using both panels (just the 2 automatic previews stitched together with paint):



We look foward to see your processing of this mosaic in the Telescope Live gallery!

Clear Skies,



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Here's what I came up with for it. One difficulty people may run into is the brightness between the frames, but as long as you do your normalization and background calibration right you can get it. This was done in APP and Photoshop as usual for me.


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