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Hi Everyone

I am happy to report here about a new mosaic: Orion Mosaic (2 panels; 21 datasets in total, available in our archive) made with the SPA-1-CMOS telescope in Spain! 

Link to all the datasets for this mosaic:



To help you process the TL mosaics we have tutorials available for our users on our platform:



Below, for example, the final image by our tutor @Scotty Bishop  (or see it on the gallery by clicking here )




We look foward to see your processing of this mosaic in the Telescope Live gallery!

Clear Skies,



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19 hours ago, Norbert Freitag said:

I like your version a lot Scotty. It took me some time even though I downloaded the data in January.

I went for a more dramatic SHO-like approach.


Wow great processing! Love the colour palette you’ve used

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