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Plate Solve Issue with TL M78 to Bogeyman Image Data

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Wondering if anyone else has had an issue trying to get an astrometric solution for this dataset and if they were able to solve the problem.  I'm using the Image Solver script to try and get a plate solution for this RGB combined linear data image so I can then use SPCC for color correction.



The FITS Header provided the coordinate data which I initially used but the Image Solver script got hung up not finding a putative set of pairs to get an astrometric solution.  The initial Image Solver script parameters are given below.



I've tried using coordinates for NGC 2071 and the star HD 38856 instead of the given coordinates, but the script continued to get hung up and fail.  I have all the current GAIA files. 


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So, I also consulted with Adam Block as I am a member of his site (you should seriously consider joining Adam's site if you haven't already) and he showed me what I had not considered.  This dataset was taken on AUS-2 CMOS; the Takahashi FSQ-106 EDX 4 is setup with a focal reducer making the effective focal length for this equipment around 387mm.  However, the true focal length for this optical tube is 530 mm.  As Adam explained, A 10%-20% error of focal length is enough to cause issues with widefield images.  When I used 530 mm, I got an astrometric solution.  I should have thought through this myself but it's good to have someone point out things you may have missed because you've been looking or messing with the problem for too long.

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