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PixInsight Alert! Failed Image Solver Plate Solution for TL Dataset NGC 3521

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Telescope Live members - here is an alert for those of you processing the NGC 3521 dataset.  If you try to use the Image Solver script to get an astrometric solution to your combined image so you can then process it with the Spectrophotometric Color Calibration (SPCC) process, it will fail.  The reason can be found in the PixInsight Forum here; https://pixinsight.com/forum/index.php?threads/spcc-failure.22572/ but to summarize, there are too few GAIA stars with spectra in the field of view (only 5).   To get around this, you will have to use Photometric Color Calibration (PCC).  To date this is the only place in the sky known to have two few stars for this field of view in the GAIA catalog.  This is a very rare instance for this happen but it exists for this dataset.

I used Photometric Color Calibration (PCC) on this dataset and everything worked fine and I got a good result.  PCC will do a plate solution within the process, so you do not need to use Image Solver.

My thanks to Adam Block for explaining this to me when I ran into this problem.  I have been a member of his site for a few years now and it's an indispensable resource for me.  You should seriously consider becoming a member if you aren't already.


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Very confused here.  The question was that ImageSover wouldn't work, not SPCC.  My PCC requires PlateSover to be run separately.  If PlateSolver doesn't work with my version of PI. then neither SPCC or PCC will work.

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