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The January 2024 Contest Winners

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Our judges, Adam Block, Alex Curry, Nik Szymanek and Mustafa Aydın, chose the winners of the January 2024 contests.

🏆 One-Click Observation Contest Winners 🏆

The One-Click Observation for the January 2024 Contest was the IC 1274, obtained with CHI-1-CMOS in the HSO filter set.

You can see and grab this One-Click Observation by clicking here.

Beginner Tier


IC 1274 by James Fordice
Prize: 25 credits

Comment from the judges: This image of IC 1274 by James Fordice has been well-balanced with an excellent choice of colour palette.

Expert Tier


IC 1274 by Michelle Ashford
Prize: 50 credits

Comment from the judges: Michelle Ashford created our winning one-click expert image with great attention to detail and sharpness within the nebulosity. The fainter nebulosity has been brought out well, paying attention to not brightening the background.

🏆 Observation Bundle Contest Winners 🏆

The Observation Bundle for the January 2024 Contest was the RCW19 obtained with CHI-1-CMOS in the HSO filter set. It contains 8 One-Click Observations corresponding to more than 7 hours of total exposure time.

You can see and grab this Observation Bundle by clicking here.

Beginner Tier


RCW19 by Judith Prana
Prize: 75 credits

Comment from the judges: Judith Prana has created our winning bundle beginner image with a great custom HOO tri-colour blend. This has created great contrast and colour within the nebula. The stars have a blue hue; processing these separately would solve this.

Expert Tier


RCW19 by Dan Thompson
Prize: 100 credits

Comment from the judges: Dan Thompson's image of RCW19 is our winner for the expert bundle competition. The focal point of the nebula has excellent contrast with good colour features.


Let’s give a round of applause to all the winners who will enjoy the honours and the prizes!

Would you like to find out about the February 2024 contests? Find out more here!


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