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Now Available! Solar Imaging Datasets & Exclusive Tutorials 🌞

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Dear Telescope Live Community,

Today, we're over the moon (or should we say, sun) to unveil a dazzling expansion to our astrophotography resources portfolio.

We’ve just introduced a dedicated Solar Imaging Section within the Planetary Imaging segment of Telescope Live, featuring none other than Mark Johnston (you can find out more about Mark here), a luminary in solar imaging, as our guide and mentor!

What's Coming?

  • Solar Datasets: Dive into the core of our solar system with our new collection of Solar datasets. Captured by Mark Johnston—a NASA Solar System Ambassador, Director of the Phoenix Astronomical Society, and an acclaimed expert in solar imaging—these datasets are your gateway to the dynamic allure of the Sun. Look forward to adding these to your astrophotography collection, accessible in the Planetary Imaging section. Here you can find all the datasets currently available.

  • Expert Tutorials: Complementing the solar datasets, Mark will lead a series of tutorials designed for every enthusiast—from the curious beginner to the adept astrophotographer. With Mark's extensive accolades, including awards from the Astronomical League and the Night Sky Network, and his pioneering work in Electronically Assisted Astronomy (EAA), these tutorials promise unparalleled insights and techniques. Watch the tutorials on solar imaging here.

Why Solar Imaging?

Solar imaging opens a window to the Sun's vibrant phenomena—sunspots, solar flares, and prominences. Under Mark's guidance, you'll learn to capture and process images of our star, revealing breathtaking details and enriching your scientific understanding.
Share Your Feedback!

With this latest addition, we hope to enrich your astrophotography journey and open new horizons in solar imaging. Your thoughts are important to us! Do you find this new section intriguing? What are you hoping to learn from Mark Johnston's tutorials? 

Please share your feedback and let us know how you feel about this new venture. Your input helps us tailor our offerings to better suit your astrophotography aspirations.

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