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Option to remove background music on turorials and not split into shorter segments

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Hi is there any chance to have an option not to have the background music  playing when watching the tutorials / webinars on play back - it's too intrusive for me.  

Also, why are some tutorials split up into several sections?  I would prefer an option to have the complete tutorial in one video.  In some cases it's obvious the tutor has recorded in one go so why not upload the complete version and allow the user to stop / start as necessary.

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Hi Les,

At the moment the background music is integrated into the tutorial, however, for TL4 we will investigate the ability to provide an option to turn off the background music in the tutorials.

As for the splitting. Some of the tutorials are recorded in a single run that is correct. We have found that users find it useful to be able to jump between sections when returning to the tutorial. Perhaps an auto-play function could improve the usability?


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