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Moon DataSet

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Maybe I have missed the point here but following this quote 


As you will receive at least 10 images per dataset, the total could exceed 1TB of data. Providing stacked images makes the planetary imaging section more accessible. 

When I downloaded "Tycho" I wonder why I got a single image which requires no processing.  A great photo to be sure but singular, not close to the 10 images quoted.

Why have a tutorial which shows how to process a "ser" file.......and then give the answer?

Happy , more then happy, to be told I am a fool but would like to know why.


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Hi Patrick,

I discussed this with Damian and this was his response:

Re: Lunar imaging. The vast majority of high resolution lunar imaging is done in mono (primarily as the lunar surface shows very little colour at high resolution and its often possible to get significantly better resolution using mono cameras with filters.) The real key in getting great results is excellent seeing conditions and making sure the telescope is calibrated perfectly.

We have a new tutorial that shows you how to push this lunar data even further - and by looking at the before and after results I think it’s well worth processing further.




Perhaps it would be better to upload the raw file for these datasets as they are just single captures and shouldn’t be much bigger than a single one-click. I will discuss this with Damian and update here!



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