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Whether or not to use calibration files

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I have recently started astrophotography with Pixinsight and Telescope.live. Most of the tutorials here and there suggest importing Darks, flats and bias files via WBPP at the same time as the lights. 
When I retrieve the files from an object to work on, the calibration files are missing. When I go to the "calibration frames" section of the interface, I don't know if I should only take the calibration masters (masterDark,....) linked to the telescope or should I take each file separately (Darks, bias...)?
Many thanks for your reply.
Have a nice day.

PS : excusez-moi pour mon anglais. Je suis français 😁

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Hello Laurent,

Please consider that all frames in our archive comes already calibrated (for flat, dark, bias etc) so you need to download the calibration frames only if you download RAW light frame and want to do the calibration by yourself. 


Clear Skies,


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