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Do you see what I see?

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For anyone not familiar with the word 'pareidolia', here is a brief and rough description.

It's a condition that most of us have such that when viewing something we can make out the shape of a familiar object out of the randomness. Maybe within the bark on a tree or in clouds. It is not a disorder or mental illness should you be able to see things that others cannot. I still don't get The Elephant Trunk. 🤔

There are hundreds of examples of these already accepted by astronomers of galaxies and nebulae that are used to identify and  in turn make them more memorable. Some, and in particular the North American, Pelican and Statue of Liberty nebulae, really do bear a likeness to their nicknames.

Now just a suggestion. When processing anything in the future should something you see attract your eye because it resembles the shape of some object, then perhaps you could mention that in the description accompanying the image. Ideally make a crop, orientate it to make it clearer and add that as a second image. Finally, add a tag such as #pareidolia or perhaps just #pareid so that these can all be viewed together. 

Just a bit of nonsense I know, but maybe one day you'll see something and want to share your discovery.

Important : You might just want to wait until the next morning before posting in case you overindulged on your favourite beverage the night before when processing it. 😵‍💫

Thanks for taking the time to read this. 

Ray, a long time pareidolia sufferer. 

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