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I've now lost all my work three times, while trying to post a gallery image and needing to go to another browser tab to get or check some data (e.g. telescope or location). The problem is that "post an image" is some kind of pop-up or modal. If I return to a tab with it open, I just get the gallery page and there's no way to get back to what I was doing. It's very dispiriting and there has to be a better way. Please improve this for TL4

Using Safari on Mac Sonoma.

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Hi Christopher, 

Thanks for letting us know about this issue! We are sorry for the trouble this has caused you. We're working hard to improve the experience.

We're happy to announce that the entire gallery experience will be completely redesigned in TL4. This will address the problem you mentioned and provide a much smoother workflow for everyone.


Clear SKies,


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