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Hello from Austin Texas

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I've had the astrophotography bug for a few years now. Started out right before covid with an Orion ED80 and a DSLR, then quickly moved to an ASI533 and eventually upgraded to an Esprit 120 and found myself hosting in an observatory for a bit until covid prices sent everything to the moon.  Got stuck in what i'd call the "gear acquisition syndrome" and chased the APS-C and Full Frame demon for a bit and kind of burned myself out of the hobby doing so.  Took some much-needed time off, focused on my health (i let covid weight me down mentally and physically) and now coming in using remote observatories and enjoying it.

I still fancy a backyard scope because there is some fun in building & running it, but that will most certainly be something ultra-portable and ultra constrained - a redcat with a 294mm or something simple -no more worrying about flat fields, stars on edges, curvature or any of that... (that esprit 120 was beautiful but chasing the larger format broke my bank and my willpower lol)

Which is what drags me here - so nice to just be able to grab sets or run an advanced program and let it rip and come back to good data.

Some of my prior work I thought I'd share - some were in backyard, and some at observatory.  Look forward to refreshing some of these with data from telescope live.








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Hi Byron, 

That's a story I can very much relate to as I think a few others will as well. The hobby can become a money pit with GAS being a major contributor to that. Anyway this could be a great move you've made having so much, maybe too much 😉 data to choose from. The gallery is extremely useful for narrowing down choices at the beginning. 

I like to think that this will encourage you to proceed with acquiring that gear you mentioned and start enjoying the capturing again. Thanks for sharing this, it helps knowing that other people have gone through something you have. Finally, great set of images you attached, with plenty more to follow I'm sure. 




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