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Greetings from Austria

Bogdan Stanciu

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Hello everyone!

My name is Bogdan and I am from Romania but currently I live in Austria. My interest in astronomy dates all the way back to my childhood, being raised in the countryside, where the sky was as dark as you can imagine - seeing the Milky Way in its gorgeousness year after year lit up my imagination and my curiosity. For a long time I was reading all that I could about the night sky, the celestial objects and all the wonders that sit deep into the Universe.

After some time, I decided to buy a Dobsonian telescope which was the reason of many lost nights under the clear sky (no regrets there). Visual astronomy was for a long time my most time consuming hobby, and step by step i started to do more advanced stuff, together with my fellow friends from the local astronomy club - variable star analysis, planetary transits, spectroscopy, even building new telescopes from scratch.

1 year ago I decided to venture also into the realm of astrophotography - this was a decision taken after my fellow amateur astronomers friends showed me techniques, software, etc etc. This is the reason i took the Telescope Live subscription, after playing a bit with another remote network, but which didn't provide good quality data. My time and budget doesn't allow me to have an astrophotography rig, and also my priorities in life have changed a bit.

So here I am, doing this - by no means, I am not an astrophotographer, I am looking at my friends who have much more knowledge about data aquisition and have their hands on rigs and telescopes most of the time. However, I really enjoy digging into the past (basically, this is what we are doing - time travelling by looking to the celestial objects) and bring out as much detail and story as I can.

I enjoy very much the results of others and I adapt my workflow accordingly. Many thanks for that!

See you around!

Clear skies!


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