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Lesson Learned using Drizzle Integration and then using Image Solver to get a Plate Solution

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As I was processing the Bodes Area dataset, I decided to use drizzle on the dataset as this dataset is under sampled.  The process of using drizzle integration went fine and got good integrated LRGB masters which combined into an RGB image.  After using DBE to manage the gradients, I then used the Image Solver script to get a plate solution so I could use SPCC to calibrate the color.  When I did however, I could not get a plate solution.  After checking the usual suspect problem areas and not finding any discrepancies, I remembered that when you use drizzle integration, it provides integrated masters where the scale is doubled (Scale setting below); the number of pixels in the image goes from 9576 x 6388 to  19,152 x 12,776.  



What this means is that you need to reduce the Image Scale (resolution and pixel size settings) by half.  Normal pixel size for the QHY 600M camera is 3.76; the normal resolution for this imaging setup is 2.0216.




Once these changes are made, you should be able to get a plate solution.

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