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Greetings from Sydney, Australia

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Hello, my name is Gunther Wandtke, a German Immigrant living in an outer suburb of Sydney. I have been a member of Telescope Live for a while, downloaded and processed some One-Click Observations and also some bundles. I used my accumulated credits recently for an Advanced Request, RCW 70. It turned up in an image I shot of the Coal Sack region, close to the Southern Cross. I found only little information and very few blurry images about it and set  out to improve this situation.  I found out the hard way there is a reason for only few images existing, it is obviously very far away and the images from the  powerful Chile 1 Telescope only showed a very tiny nebula in the center of a rather large image. Learning the art of using telescope and processing images as I go, with my recent retirement enjoying more time for this hobby. A spell of cloudy skies and rain lasting several years inspired me to find this source of additional processing material and tutorials. Find attached an image of me with my gear in our backyard.  Another passion of mine is making, throwing and collecting boomerangs!

me and my gear-small.jpg

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Hello Gunther,

Thanks for the introduction. After also looking for information on that nebula, as you rightly say there is hardly anything, and i think I can understand your disappointment when you received the data back. Despite using that large scope to image it it's really tiny, perhaps best left to the likes of Hubble. Anyway I hope that you are starting to enjoy your retirement with plenty of time to try out many of the great datasets from the massive repository here, and enhance your skills. Hope to see some of your results in the gallery when you are happy to do so.

Regards, Ray 


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