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READ FIRST: ​Welcome to the PixInsight Discussion forum! 📌​

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This forum serves to promote discussion with regards to any processing that takes place using PixInsight as well as any user-made guides for post-processing techniques and questions relating to PI.

This forum is also for discussing third party plugins and scripts for PixInsight, such as the RC-Astro plugins.

If you are new to PixInsight or interested in getting started, PixInsight provides a fully functional 45 day trial from their official website. Click here to be redirected to the official PixInsight website’s page from where you can start your free trial. 

Click here to navigate the incredible list of tutorials we have available on PixInsight to learn new techniques and hone your post-processing skills with this incredible software.

Please note that this discussion forum is not for posting final images, in-progress images are fine for discussion and feedback, but final images should be posted in the Telescope Live gallery.

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