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READ FIRST: Welcome to the SIRIL Discussion forum! β€‹πŸ“Œβ€‹

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If you are already familiar with SIRIL then look no further as this is a place to discuss and share ideas, techniques and to ask questions.

Interested in getting started with SIRIL? SIRIL is an open-source and free astrophotography editing software; you can find more information in the Beginner Processing Techniques forumΒ and through our comprehensive guide on post-processing your first Telescope Live image using SIRIL on the Telescope Live tutorials platform. Click hereΒ to navigate to these tutorials.

Click here if you want to download Siril for free.Β 

Please note that this discussion forum is not for posting final images, in-progress images are fine for discussion and feedback, but final images should be posted inΒ the Telescope Live gallery.

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