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Non-calibrated subs

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As a follow up to this, when you download these RAW files and attempt to open them in Pixinsight, I get the following error:




** Warning: Deprecated format: FITS

*** Error: PCL Legacy FITS Format Support: The FITS file contains no readable image: C:/Users/dan/Downloads/Bubble Neb/SPA-2-CMOS_2023-09-26T00-15-52_NGC7635_Halpha_120s_ID389306_raw.fits

*** Unable to open file: C...

Is there some obvious thing I'm missing?


Thank you,


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Hi Dan, 

The raw frames of the new CMOS cameras (unlike the CCD frames) have a compression that PixInsight is unable to read. A software that can read these raw frames is SIRIL (free software that you can download from here https://siril.org/ ), once you open the frames with SIRIL you can save it and after that you can open it with Pixinsight.

Clear Skies,

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