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raw subs are compressed; funpack does not know how to uncompress them

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is there a way to get uncompressed raw subs from telescope.live? pixinsight will not open compressed fits files.

furthermore, these subs don't seem to be compressed in a way that funpack can uncompress the files. the headers are not compatible with funpack:



Error processing file: CHI-1-CMOS_2023-10-18T23-54-04_NGC7293_Halpha_300s_ID396804_raw.fz

  in HDU number 2

FITSIO status = 252: 1st key not SIMPLE or XTENSION

Extension doesn't start with SIMPLE or XTENSION keyword. (ffrhdu)

BSCALE  =                    1

Input file is unchanged.


so i guess the question is, what software was used to compress these files, and how can i batch uncompress them? note that i had to change the file suffix for funpack to even open the file.

none of this would be a problem if the calibrated subs were not somehow over subtracted. a great majority of the pixels in the calibrated subs are clamped at 0. i need to do the calibration myself but can't open the files.

observatory on the mac can open these files but i'm not sure if it can do a batch export. thus i am looking for a different way to uncompress these files.




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14 minutes ago, Jarmo Ruuth said:

Hi Rob,

If you are willing to use Python you can use my tool here: https://ruuth.xyz/FitsPyInfo.html. You can of course modify it to fit you needs. In another thread has been also other suggestions like using Siril.



sure i can use python. it does turn out that observatory can batch export the files as well. i'll give your script a try.


it does seem that there is something wrong with some of the subs - the background ADU is much lower than the dark in most of the subs. is this a problem seen on CHI-1-CMOS?

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